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complimentary 30-minute laser Coaching Session

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complimentary 30-minute laser coaching session.
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Abundance Coaching
I am your guide, confidante, mentor and your cheerleader. My decades of experience working with entrepreneurs has led me to swiftly identify any blocks holding you back from full creative realisation. I will teach you how to trust and take action on your intuition, so that you begin making powerful decisions that are congruent with your heart and your passions. Instead of fear-based decision making. I will encourage you to take baby steps, as well as massive action, in designing the life you deserve and desire. Working energetically, I assist clients to release unwanted karmic patterns and negative archon energy, as well as past-life codings and contracts. You can work with me 1:1 online or in person.
For more information, email me at gina@ginabaksa.com

Soul Guidance Tarot Readings
A superb divinatory tool, Tarot is a powerful medium to connect us to our intuition. Its powerful archetypes and symbols essentially map out the human life path. In today’s uncertain world, people are turning to their intuition and the ‘old ways’ to seek guidance in their lives. A powerful tool for self-reflection Tarot is a great way to receive confirmation of plans, ideas, next steps. Connecting with your intuition through Tarot is a great comfort as well as illuminating.
Readings are 30, 60 or 90 minutes which includes a powerful healing session and guided visualization.

For more information, email me at gina@ginabaksa.com

Ceremonial Cacao Circles
I’ve been using raw cacao ceremonially for many years to help resource myself and my clients. It calms the nervous system, is a gentle heart opener and very grounding. Used ceremonially, cacao also gives me insights and visions and powerfully connects me to my intuition. I host online and live cacao ceremonies where we drink hot cacao together, set our intentions and I take you on a guided journey with either music or drumming. You’ll connect with your intuition and receive powerful insights from your subconscious. I’d love you to join my monthly New and Full Moon Cacao Sharing Ceremonies.

For more information, email me at gina@ginabaksa.com

Shamanic Drum Journeys
Women are the sacred wisdom keepers and have played the drum in all forms since time began. Used as a conduit to connect with inner worlds and ancestors, I host guided transformational drum journeys to help clients receive guidance and insights for your next steps.

On some guided journeys you will retrieve soul aspects, meet with your ancestors, talk to your power animals and connect with your inner child. The drum is a powerful and potent transformational portal.

For more information, email me at gina@ginabaksa.com