My Story

Here’s some information about me and how I can help you…

I am a qualified business and intuitive coach, and an NLP Master Practitioner. Using a powerful blend of intuitive coaching and mentoring, energy healing and ancient shamanic practices, I inspire, motivate and guide my clients to express their full creativity and manifest their heart’s desires. I am especially passionate about helping women with money management and investing and creating financial freedom. I lead small groups to the world’s most sacred sites where the focus is on profound inner transformation.

I have trained with many evolutionary teachers in the fields of shamanism, NLP, EFT, Intuition, Dance, Movement Medicine, sound healing, sacred Sexuality and many more. I furthered my intuitive practice while studying at the College of Psychic Studies in London. My healing gifts have led me to study Reiki, healing, massage, NLP, shamanism, animal communication, EFT, trauma release, intuition and many other modalities.

Coaching and Mentoring
We’re living in extraordinary and uncertain times. For most of us, life today is traumatic, unpredictable and exhausting. Many of us are experiencing classic trauma responses: fight, flight and numbness in reaction to a world that has changed beyond all recognition. Yet alongside the political drama is a massive global spiritual awakening. 

I guide and empower my coaching clients to successfully navigate these waves of uncertainty with the result that they expand (not contract) their businesses and their private lives. With my compassion, empathy and tough love clients get results.

Online and Live Cacao Ceremonies
As a seer and intuitive, I help my clients to identify their soul’s true calling. And I help to crystallize the creation of these unfulfilled desires of the heart into current reality by supporting clients to live fully in the present. 
I’ve been using raw cacao ceremonially for many years to help resource myself and my clients. Drinking hot raw cacao calms your nervous system, is a very gentle heart opener and used ceremonially, cacao gives insights and visions, and powerfully connects you to your intuition. I hold online and in-person cacao ceremonies.

Intuitive Readings
Now more than ever we must look inwards for inspiration and guidance. And follow our intuition. A superb divinatory tool, Tarot was first used in a divination context in the xxx century. Its powerful archetypes and symbols essentially map out the human life path.

A powerful tool for self-reflection Tarot is a great way to get confirmation of next steps. In our current time of great instability, connecting with your intuition through Tarot is a great comfort as well as illuminating. I use Osho Tarot Cards for my readings as well as Rider Waite.

Readings are 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes which includes a powerful healing session and guided visualization.

Shamanic Drum Journeys
Women are the sacred wisdom keepers and have played the drum in all forms since time began. Used as a conduit to connect with inner worlds and ancestors, I host guided transformational drum journeys to help clients connect with their higher selves. Receive guidance and insights for your next steps.

On some guided journeys you will retrieve soul aspects, meet with your ancestors, talk to your power animals and connect with your inner child. the magic of the drum is very real and a powerful transformational tool.