Gina is a qualified business and intuitive coach, and is an NLP Master Practitioner. Her
strengths are her compassion and her skills of inspiring, motivating and guiding. Her coaching business offers guidance and mentoring to adults and children whereby she helps clients access their intuition, release energetic blocks and reconnect with Source and their higher selves. She teaches clients how to connect with their intuition and take action on their own soul’s guidance. She helps clients to release old karmic patterns and negative archon energy as well as past-life codings and contracts.

A career in media and on Fleet Street enabled me to see at close hand the hand-in-glove shenanigans of the political elite and their use of propaganda to control the masses. I left the dark arts in my Twenties and embarked on a profound healing journey that continues to this day. My training encompasses trauma release, sound healing, NLP, coaching, bodywork, Reiki, EFT, shamanic soul retrieval, intuitive Tarot and many more healing modalities.

Gina’s spiritual toolkit encompasses Reiki (Reiki Master), hands-on and distant healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound healing, womb wisdom and many more. She is a skilled intuitive Tarot reader helping clients to identify their soul’s purposes and holds sacred cacao sessions to support women.


Gina leads small groups to the world’s most sacred sites where the focus is on profound inner transformation. She has trained with many evolutionary teachers in the fields of shamanism, NLP, EFT, Intuition, Dance, Movement Medicine, sound healing, Sacred Sexuality and many more. Gina furthered her intuitive practice while studying at the College of Psychic Studies in London. 

Her healing gifts led her to study Reiki, healing, massage, NLP, shamanism, animal communication, EFT, trauma release, intuition and many other modalities. 

She was in a healing/therapy cult in her Thirties and experienced at close hand the very damaging effects of trauma-related abuse. By the grace of God she escaped, also realising the patterns of abuse she was repeating. And was able to stop those patterns with professional help and much inner work. 

As a writer and traveller, Gina’s love of communication is an important element of her work. She hosts a weekly podcast and regularly writes about her journeys – both spiritual and physical. She has visited many sacred sites on Earth (and beyond!) and takes small groups to visit these sites. Her last trip was to Egypt, where she facilitated powerful ceremonies at the temples and pyramids, calling in the deities at each place. Extraordinary! 

Her most transformative experiences have been at Uluru, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca and the Great Pyramids, Sedona, and Teotihuacan in Mexico.  She also spent a lot of time in her younger days in Wiltshire at Avebury, Stonehenge and inside crop circles.

Gina is happiest in nature and sunshine! She loves hiking in mountains, forests and by rivers and loves the ocean: scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and sailing. She has recently passed her Day Skipper sailing qualification and plans to create adventures on catamarans for small groups. She has snorkelled with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic and played with the beautiful grey whales at the lagoon in Baja Mexico. And swum with dolphins in the Caribbean. She loves being with our ocean brothers and sisters more than anything.

Her innate gifts and her love of travel combine in the work she does. Leading groups to sacred sites, 1:1 mentoring, group coaching and intuitive readings.