Welcome to Soul Guidance Alchemy…

My mission is to help women
become financially free.
Using the power of coaching
NLP, transformational
 and ancient shamanic
healing practices,
 I create lasting
life-changing results

for my clients 

We are living at a pivotal time
in human history

We can choose to listen to our fears and hand over our power and sovereignty to external authorities. And thus remain slaves to our past and volatile external events.
Or we can make more powerful choices to connect with our hearts and our courage. And take action on our intuition and create abundant lives for ourselves and our loved ones.
Where is your focus?


Here’s how I can help you…

A qualified business and life coach, I am trained in trauma release, NLP, EFT, sound healing, intuition, breathwork and Tarot. My offerings also include ancient shamanic practices such as spirit release and soul retrieval alongside inner child and shadow work.
Clients receive powerful healing of mind, body and spirit.

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